Gallery & Testimonials in Worcester, Auburn, Holden, Shrewsbury and Surrounding Massachusetts Towns.

Dr. Cindy has been the best Vet that we have ever had. Her passion for what she does shows tremendously through her care for animals. Thanks again for all you've done for my pets.
- B. Thompson, Worcester, Massachusetts
Thank you so much for your professionalism, expertise, kindness, patience and understanding.
- the Nolans
Thank you for coming to the house for his check-ups. He probably had at least 6 months of your care and concern which made it easier on both him and me.
- Betty V.
I'm forever grateful for your support helping me and Lucy through these past 7 months. Thank you for being a wonderful, sensitive caring beautiful person.
- Patty M.
I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the peace you brought to my beloved phoebe. I just wanted to thank you very much and let you know I appreciated you coming to my home. You are a kind, wonderful person for what you do and I hope others appreciate you as much as we did. Thank you.
- Melinda
Cindy-we are so lucky you came into our lives! Love You
- Jane, Sue, Derek, Rosie and Roxy
We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your kindness. We appreciate your honesty and remaining hopeful that our Sweet Lola Su would respond to treatment. We struggle daily missing her! We are grateful to have a caring, loving and sensitive veterinarian that works so hard to give the best! care! as you did
- Sincerely, the Martin Family
Dear Cindy, Lucky is doing great! I think the diet is what did it along with the meds. Thank you for all of your help. You're a great doc!
- Sincerely, Paula
You are truly a gifted Doctor and special person. You're appeciated more than you'll ever know. Thank you so much
- Dawn and Scott
Dr. McGinn I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all you did for my Little Bit. She was a very special dog and you went far above and beyond to help to save her for me! With love and thanks for all you do.
- Pam
Dear Dr. Cindy, we would like to take a moment to to tell you the world should be thankful for the love you have for animals, and the work you do. Your job must be tough at times. Thank you very much
- Sincerely, The Sciascias
Thanks Dr. McGinn for taking care of me and making me feel like my old self again. I was pretty sick for awhile but sure glad my Master took me to see you.
- Luckie
Dear Dr. Cindy, thank you for all your kindness, love for Travis, and everything you did for us. Peace and hugs
- Scott
Dear Dr. McGinn, I gave Pal a kiss for you. Thank you so much for caring. Pal acts like a puppy. she looks so good and seems to feel good too. Eating, hopping around the yard, barking and taking rides. Tail wags constantly. Jesus and you have worked wonders. Thank you.
- Sara
Cindy, Thank you very, very much. You're great!
- Mark
Dear Cindy, God's spirit shines through in people like you.
- With Love, Joan
Dear Dr. McGinn, your text today brought back memories of the day we met for the first time. You came to the aid of my beloved Bella, and to me as well. I will never forget the compassion you displayed towards the both of us, along with such understanding, patience, and kindness. You help people do one of the most difficult things in life, in the best possible way. You are truly a blessing.
- With warmest regards, Lori
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